Foreign customers visit AIKE

Foreign customers visit AIKE Although spring is no longer the most promising season and the weather is starting to get hotter, this has not stopped us from establishing friendly relations with foreign friends. Our company attracts visits from foreign friends with its high-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and good industry development prospects. The general manager of the company attached great importance to this visit and carefully arranged the reception work. Together with the director of the company's international trade department, he went to the workshop with the customer for reference, and explained the production process of the company's products to foreign customers in detail. Accompanied by technical personnel, Conduct on-site operational experiments. The company's advanced equipment and excellent products have been praised by foreign customers. Company leaders and relevant technical personnel also gave detailed answers to questions raised by customers. The company's strength has obtained the permission of foreign friends to directly purchase and place orders on the same day. This visit and inspection ended successfully. In the future, our company will continue to expand and make progress, and we look forward to cooperating with foreign friends again.

Aike Group’s ninth anniversary celebration

Staying together through thick and thin, creating brilliance together - Aike Group's ninth anniversary celebration concluded successfully On December 11, 2023, Aike Group celebrated its ninth anniversary. All employees gathered in the workshop exhibition hall to review Aike Group's nine-year growth process and look forward to a new blueprint for the group's future development. In the past nine years, Aike Group and all its employees have worked hard together and witnessed Aike Group advancing bravely and defying hardships, growing all the way to the present. In the past nine years, Aike Group has gradually developed and grown. In the future, Aike Group will Ke Group will also carry everyone's expectations towards glory. 1.Celebration program On this special and festive day today, employees from various departments of Aike also presented wonderful programs to celebrate the happy birthday of Aike Group! The dance kicked off the celebration, and the lively and lively music instantly ignited the atmosphere of the celebration and drew cheers from the audience. After the joyful dance, listening to lyrical songs has a unique flavor. The brisk music and uniform dance definitely set off the atmosphere of the celebration. There are not only workers in the office, but also "class clown". We met and grew up together because of Aike. "Aike" has a different weight in our hearts. Let's listen to the songs written for "Aike". If there is only singing and dancing, how can we reflect the versatility of Aike employees? Aike is the Aike of all Aike employees. Only when everyone works together can the big ship of Aike be able to sail far away. 2.Customer interaction Aike's development to what it is today is inseparable from the support of all new and old customers. No matter how much you say thank you, it is not as real as a red envelope. Therefore, with the help of the live broadcast room, we can interact with customers online and draw red envelope prizes. Many new and old customers flocked to the live broadcast room, and customers connected one after another. It was so lively! In just ten minutes, the red envelopes were wiped out. 3.Position promotion Aike has given us opportunities to learn, work, make money, and get promoted. On this festive day of the 9th anniversary, Mr. Wu issued promotion letters to colleagues with outstanding performance. 4.Game interaction The growth and development of Aike are also inseparable from the efforts of the group of employees. The success of Aike is attributed to every employee. The company has also prepared benefits for employees. As long as you participate in the game, you will have the opportunity to draw welfare blind boxes and win prizes. . Everyone works seriously at ordinary times, and they also have the energy to refuse to admit defeat when playing games! 5.General Manager’s Speech Amid the joy and laughter of the game, Aike’s ninth anniversary celebration is about to come to an end. The general manager reviewed Aike’s nine-year journey and expressed his gratitude …Read More