Foreign customers visit AIKE

Although spring is no longer the most promising season and the weather is starting to get hotter, this has not stopped us from establishing friendly relations with foreign friends.

Our company attracts visits from foreign friends with its high-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and good industry development prospects. The general manager of the company attached great importance to this visit and carefully arranged the reception work. Together with the director of the company's international trade department, he went to the workshop with the customer for reference, and explained the production process of the company's products to foreign customers in detail. Accompanied by technical personnel, Conduct on-site operational experiments. The company's advanced equipment and excellent products have been praised by foreign customers. Company leaders and relevant technical personnel also gave detailed answers to questions raised by customers.

The company’s strength has obtained the permission of foreign friends to directly purchase and place orders on the same day. This visit and inspection ended successfully. In the future, our company will continue to expand and make progress, and we look forward to cooperating with foreign friends again.

Aike workshop water tanks
Portable Water Storage Tanks
Enameled Water Tank
Underground water storage refers to the process of storing water below the Earth's surface, typically in natural or artificial reservoirs. This technique has been employed for centuries as a means to preserve water for future use, mitigate the effects of drought, and ensure a reliable water supply for various purposes, including agriculture, industry, and domestic consumption. Benefits of underground water storage include: Water Conservation: Storing water underground helps prevent evaporation losses, especially in arid regions where water resources are scarce. Groundwater Recharge: Underground storage facilities facilitate the recharge of aquifers, helping to sustain groundwater levels and ecosystem health. Drought Resilience: Underground water storage provides a reliable water supply during droughts and dry spells when surface water sources may become depleted. Reduced Environmental Impact: By reducing reliance on surface reservoirs and dams, underground water storage can minimize the environmental impact associated with large-scale water infrastructure projects.