How to maintain water tanks ?

Water tank is a common facility in our daily life, which is used in store and keep water warm. However we have not enough knowledge about the safe operation storage and maintenance of water tanks, which are an disposable part of the equipment for storing and supplying drinking water. However, failing to clean properly the tank may cause a serious  healthy questions in long term. Thus, in order to avoid accidents, it is necessary for us to know some regulations about keep, operation and maintenance of water tank and master correct cleaning skills and maintenance of water tank, good water quality in water tanks is a important issue about people’s health. It is very important for everyone to drinking clean water, therefore it is the responsible for us to maintain water quality of water tank. This article will introduce a lot of simple and effective ideas to help you keep and maintain the good water quality of water tank.

How to maintain water tanks ?

The storage of water tank water tank,life water tank room, life water pump room and their passage must be locked, the key must register the name, date, time and cause and record approver and approval  time, the spare key and the loss of key must be reported in time, if necessary the lock should be exchanged.

2.Entry and exit life water tank, life water tank room and life water pump room shall be  registered and recorded ,and irrelevant person not enter these areas without permission.

3. Any maintenance of life water tank, life water tank room and life water pump room shall  be recorded in details , including  the time of  entry and exit,  the  content of maintence or cleaning operation, the  licensor, the operator and the cause. The record must be kept for three years or more.

4.The life water tank ,life water tank room and life water pump room and their equipments must be made of facilities and equipment account sand need to update once a year at least, including cleaning, maintenance, testing and inspection.

5.It is necessary to formulate an emergency water supply plan for life water and carry out  work responsibility based on preparation and exercise.

How to maintain water tanks ?

The operating regulation of water tank

1.Installation position

The installation position of drinking water tank should choose brilliant, ventilated and dry place. The surrounding environment shall be free of corrosive gas, dust and foreign matters, Do not install water tank near the open of fire or under the high temperature, do not expose it  under sun , tilt or squeeze. The installation position should avoid moisture and ensure that the water tank is  placed in horizontale stable.

2.Safety valve

It is necessary to set safety valve  to  avoid water tank explosion and breaking. The safety valve need to check and clean regularly to blockage.

3.Inlet pipe

The inlet pipe of water tank shall be connected with the public water source or original tap water pipe to ensure the safety of the water inlet pipe without leakage. At the same time  adjustable check valve and filter screen shall be installed to protect inside of water tank from water pollute

4.Blowdown pipe

The  blow down pipe of water tank should  be  set  independently  or isolated from other water pipes to avoid cross infection. The blow down pipe need to clean regularly to ensure smooth discharge.

5.The connect of pipe

The pipe connection of water tank must be firm and reliable, without looseness and leakage, so as to avoid water waste and environmental pollution.

6.Clean and disinfect

The water tank needs to be cleaned every year to ensure cleanliness. When cleaning, the water in the water tank should be emptied first and then cleaned to thoroughly remove the dirt and sediment in the water tank.

How to maintain water tanks ?

The keep regulation of water tank

1.Check  the  operating  valve

The vent hole of the water tank operation valve needs to be checked and cleaned regular to ensure that it is unobstructed.

2.Check regular

Water tank should be checked regularly the state of  pipes  and valves, timely cleaning and replacement of damaged parts to avoid pipe blockage and poor opening and closing. Regular check seal  and  leakage of water tanks is an important part of maintaining water quality. If the water tank is poorly sealed and leaks, it will not only cause the water quality of the water tank to be polluted, but also  cause waster of water resources. Regular check water tank for leaks especially at the tank connection and valves. If find leak questions ,timely require or exchange the seal to ensure that the water tank is will  good  sealed.

3.Thermal insulation maintenance

Water tank needs to be insulated to avoid excessive heat of water. Regular inspect the status of insulation materials so that timely exchange damaged parts to ensure the insolation effect of water tank.

4. Guarantee of water quality

First of all, cleaning water tank regularly is the key to maintaining water quality. The dirt and bacteria accumulated the water tank will affect the quality of the water, resulting in  the decline the water quality of the water tank. regular cleaning of the tank is the best way to prevent this build-up. It is generally recommended to clean the tank every three to six months, depending on the water quality and usage. When cleaning the water tank ,first turn off the water supply and drain the water in the water tank and then  start  cleaning the physical part of the water tank. When cleaning the water tank, we should  wear protective equipment , such as gloves and mouthpieces, to prevent contact with the cleaning. Agents or contaminants can then be cleaned according to the instructions using an appropriate cleaner such as bleach or a professional tank cleaner. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure that there is no residual detergent. Finally, wait until the tank is completely dry before refilling it with water.

In addition, keeping the environment around the tank clean is also an important step in maintaining water quality. The cleanliness around the tank is directly  .related to the quality of the water. First, makes sure that the area around the tank is free of debris, trash and sources of contamination. These debris and garbage may enter the water tank, resulting in in a decline in water quality. Secondly, pay attention to the sanitation around the water tank. Regularly clean the dirt and dust around the tank to prevent it from entering the tank. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the environment hygiene around the water tank to avoid harmful substances entering the water source.

In addition, the safe use of water tanks is also an important part of maintaining water quality. Pay attention to the following points to help you maintain good water quality when using water tank. First, avoid storing and treating water with harmful chemicals. Some chemical substances can adversely affect water quality,, thus we should pay attention to the storage location and material of the substance. Secondly, regular check whether discharge and intake pipes of the water tank around normal to ensure that the pipes inside and outside the water tank are unobstructed. Besides, pay attention to the water temperature may breed  bacteria and cause water quality to decline. When controlling the heating and heat preservation, keep the water temperature suitable.

Finally, regular water quality testing is an important means to maintain good water quality in water tanks. Water quality testing can help you understand the condition of water quality and find potential problems in time. Professional institutions can be invited to carry out water quality testing, or water quality testing instruments can be used for self-testing. Regular testing of water quality can help you take necessary measures in time to ensure that the water quality is in good condition.

In a word, it is very important for everyone to maintain good water quality in the tank. By cleaning the water tank regularly, checking the tightness and leakage of the water tank, keeping the environment around the water tank clean ,using the water tank safely and testing the water tank regularly, we can effectively keep the water quality in good condition. These simple and effective methods can not only protect our health, but also help save water resources.