BDF Underground Water Storage Tank

Name: Underground Water Tanks, BDF Water Tanks

Materials: SS201, SS 304, SS 316

Application: Water storage.

Connection: Bolted.

Volume: 1 cubic- 500 cubic.

Price: 200-5000 USD Per Set


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BDF Underground Water Storage Tank typically refer to Bolted Steel Tanks (BST) with Dual Folded (DF) steel panels. These tanks are a type of water storage system that consists of steel panels bolted together to create a large, durable container for holding water. The “BDF” designation specifically highlights the construction material (bolted steel) and the method of panel folding used in their fabrication.

Bolted steel tanks are popular for water storage due to their durability, ease of assembly, and versatility. They are used in various applications including municipal water supply, industrial water storage, wastewater treatment, and agricultural irrigation. The dual folded steel panels provide structural integrity and stability to the tank, ensuring it can withstand the pressure of the stored water and environmental conditions over time.

Underground water storage refers to the process of storing water below the Earth's surface, typically in natural or artificial reservoirs. This technique has been employed for centuries as a means to preserve water for future use, mitigate the effects of drought, and ensure a reliable water supply for various purposes, including agriculture, industry, and domestic consumption. Benefits of underground water storage include: Water Conservation: Storing water underground helps prevent evaporation losses, especially in arid regions where water resources are scarce. Groundwater Recharge: Underground storage facilities facilitate the recharge of aquifers, helping to sustain groundwater levels and ecosystem health. Drought Resilience: Underground water storage provides a reliable water supply during droughts and dry spells when surface water sources may become depleted. Reduced Environmental Impact: By reducing reliance on surface reservoirs and dams, underground water storage can minimize the environmental impact associated with large-scale water infrastructure projects.
Underground Water Storage
Underground Water Storage
Underground Water Storage
  1. Municipal Water Supply: BDF Underground Water Storage Tanks are often used to store potable water for municipal water supply systems. They can store water from local sources or act as reservoirs to ensure a steady supply of clean water to communities.
  2. Industrial Water Storage: Industries require large quantities of water for various processes such as manufacturing, cooling, and cleaning. BDF water tanks provide a reliable solution for storing industrial water onsite, helping to ensure uninterrupted production processes.
  3. Agricultural Irrigation: Agriculture relies heavily on water for irrigation purposes. BDF water tanks can store water for irrigation, allowing farmers to manage water distribution efficiently and effectively, particularly in areas where water availability is limited or seasonal.
  4. Wastewater Treatment: BDF Underground Water Storage are also used in wastewater treatment facilities to store treated water before it is discharged or reused. These tanks help manage the treated water flow and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  5. Fire Protection: BDF water tanks can serve as reservoirs for fire protection systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They store water that can be quickly accessed in case of fire emergencies, providing crucial firefighting capabilities.
  6. Emergency Water Supply: In regions prone to natural disasters or where access to clean water is limited, BDF water tanks can be used to store emergency water supplies. They provide a reliable source of water during emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or droughts.
  7. Mining and Construction: Mining and construction sites often require large amounts of water for various purposes such as dust suppression, equipment cooling, and concrete mixing. BDF water tanks can be installed onsite to store water for these applications.

Compnay Introduction.

Shandong Aike Group, a leading manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality water storage solutions worldwide. With a strong commitment to excellence, Shandong Aike Group specializes in the production of innovative and reliable water tanks, including SMC water tanks, galvanized water tanks, stainless steel water tanks, and enameled water tank.

Aike workshop water tanks
aike workshop water tanks

1.Are you factory or trade company?
Yes, we are manufacturer.

2.What’s the guarantee, in case the water tank breaks down?
The water tank has one year s guarantee. If it breaks down, generally speaking, our technician will figure out what the problem
may be, according to clients feedback.Parts will be replaced for free if the problems are caused by quality fault.

3.How about the documents after shipment?
After shipment, we will send all original documents to you by DHL, including Packing List, Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other
certificates as required .

4.How long is the delivery time?
For standard water tank less than 100m3, it would be 7-10 days; For non standard water tank and customized water tank according to
client s specific requirements, it would be 15 to 30 days.

5.How’s the payment?
Telegraphic Transfer(T/T). L/C at sight .

6.Do You Arrange Shipment For The Machines?
Yes, dear esteemed customers, for FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you. For EXW price, clients need to arrange
shipment by themselves or their agents.

7.How is the packing?
Solid Seaworthy plywood Box Package with Steel Belt Save space as much as possible for container loading.

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