An expansion tank is a device that stores hot water and is widely used in homes, businesses, and industries. Combined with the hot water heating system, it can help adjust the water pressure of the system, prevent the bursting of the system’s water reservoir and pipes, and achieve a more stable, safe and efficient heating effectI believe many people must have the same doubts as me, why is the appearance of a rectangular water tank designed to have an expanded shape? There must be a certain reason why the water tank is designed like this. Today, the editor of Aike Water Tank will let you know what an expansion water tank is and its function. 

What is the function of expansion tank?

1、Water holding effect

It can also be called the water capacity regulator of the system. The expansion tank is a very important component in the heating system. It can contain the water in the heating system. Because the water in the heating system is easily affected by thermal expansion and contraction, when the hot water heats up, the volume of water in the heating system will increase and expand, and the water pressure in the heating system will also increase. The water tank absorbs excess water from the system due to thermal expansion; When the system cools down and leaks, add water to the system. When the water cools, the volume of water in the heating system will decrease, which will affect the normal operation of the heating system, so an expansion tank needs to be installed. The purpose of installing an expansion tank is to accommodate this excess water expansion, reduce water pressure, and improve the operating efficiency of the heating system.

2、Constant pressure effect

The point where the expansion tank is connected to the system is often used as the fixed pressure point or constant pressure point of the system, thereby ensuring that the system does not empty, overflow, or overpressure. The expansion water tank is often connected to the inlet of the water pump. Through the constant pressure function of the expansion water tank, it plays a certain protective role for the water pump.

3. Exhaust function

When the heating system leaks or cools down, the water level in the expansion tank will drop, and the water in the expansion tank will be automatically replenished into the heating system. Water generally releases some air during the heating process, and the expansion tank will discharge the air to improve the operating efficiency of the heating system. In addition, the expansion tank can also make the pressure in the heating system more stable and safe.

4、Add chemicals to chemically treat the cooling water.

5、Heating, if a heating device is installed in it, the cooling water can be heated to warm the cylinder.

What is an expansion tank?
What is an expansion tank?

Pay attention to the problem

(1)The installation position of the expansion water tank should be considered to prevent the water in the tank from freezing. If the water tank is installed in an unheated room, insulation should be considered.

(2)It is strictly prohibited to install valves on expansion pipes, overflow pipes and circulation pipes, and valves should be installed on drainage pipes and signal pipes. The valve on the signal pipe should be located in a room where people can easily observe and inspect it. The valve should be about 1.5~1.8m above the ground.

(3)Expansion pipes, circulation pipes and signal pipes located in non-heated rooms should all be insulated.

(4)The lower part of the water tank should be used as a support. The length of the support should be 100~200mm beyond the bottom plate, and its height should be greater than 300mm. The support material can be square wood, reinforced concrete or bricks.

(5)Preserved holes should be considered for the exterior wall between water tanks.

(6)Generally, the water temperature in an open expansion tank should not exceed 95°C.

Regular maintenance and upkeep

Expansion tanks, although they play a critical role in the system, generally require less maintenance. However, regular inspection and maintenance are still necessary to ensure proper operation. Here are some maintenance suggestions:

1、Check the pressure: Check the pressure in the expansion tank regularly to make sure it is within the normal range.

2、Check the seal: Make sure the expansion tank seal is intact to prevent leaks.

3、Cleaning: Keep the outside surface of the expansion tank clean and check the inside regularly for accumulated sediment.

Heating or air-conditioning systems should generally be equipped with high-level expansion water tanks where permitted. If conditions are limited, a set-pressure tank or variable-frequency water pump can be installed for constant-pressure water replenishment. The expansion water tank is used in a closed water circulation system to balance the water volume and pressure to avoid frequent opening of the safety valve and frequent replenishment of the automatic water replenishment valve. In addition to containing the expansion water, the expansion tank can also function as a water replenishment tank. In short, the expansion tank plays an indispensable role in the hot water heating system and hot water supply system. It helps to maintain the system’s Operate properly and ensure stable pressure. Understanding the role and importance of an expansion tank can help you better understand how your system operates and can help ensure the long-term health and reliability of your system.