FRP: Fiber-reinforced plastic is a composite material. Generally, glass fiber is used to reinforce unsaturated resin. The matrix of epoxy resin and phenolic resin is reinforced plastic with glass fiber products as reinforcing materials. It is called glass fiber reinforced plastic or called glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is fiberglass, which is different from tempered glass.

FRP is generally divided into manual pasting, SMC molding, pultrusion, and winding processes… It is an anti-corrosion material and has good anti-corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and sewage. Different FRP materials are used for high-strength acid, alkali and high-temperature water, such as There are many models of epoxy resin and 3301 resin, just match the model.

1.Manual pasting is an old process: the main ingredients are fiber cloth, resin, talcum powder, catalyst and curing agent. One layer of cloth and one layer of oil are hand-made, and the thickness of the paste is determined according to the requirements. Widely used in daily life, factories, pipelines, irregular small products, tanks and tanks, cement pools, etc.

2.SMC molding is a product that is pressed and formed by a four-column press using a high-temperature mold. Materials such as fiber yarn, zinc stearate, calcium powder, resin, reinforcing agent, and curing agent are mixed into a paste, and the sheet is formed by a sheet machine. shape, cured in a greenhouse and then molded by a four-column press. The thickness of the water tank plate depends on the pressure-bearing height of the water tank. The pressure-bearing refers to the water’s own pressure. Molded products, water tank panels, meter boxes, telephone pole fences, septic tanks, simple toilet houses, food factory pallets, handicrafts, etc.

3.Pultrusion products: It is an injection molding method. It also uses resin, fiber yarn, calcium powder, zinc stearate and other materials or pastes through the mold to inject them into the mold or spray them on the product with an injection molding machine. Molded products such as shell boxes and grilles , Profile angle steel type, channel steel type, square steel type and other products.

4.Winding process: Winding is usually used on the tank. First, the two ends of the tank are sealed by hand. According to the diameter of the tank, a flat plate is then pasted into a cylindrical shape. It is placed on the equipment and adjusted to the center. The fiber is used by rotation. The yarn is wrapped around the cylindrical tank through paste resin, which is a cross-wound tube. The finished products are commonly used in septic tanks, acid and alkali resistant tanks, sewage tanks and other products.

Product overview:

SMC water tank panels and SMC combined water tanks are new water tanks commonly used in the world. They have the advantages of no leakage, light weight, good water quality, beautiful appearance, long service life and easy installation. Its unique performance completely solves the problems of heavy weight and easy penetration of concrete water tanks. This water tank is a key scientific and technological research project of the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” and was included in the new product projects promoted by the National Science and Technology Commission in 1990.

SMC combined water tank is assembled from SMC single boards, sealing materials, metal fasteners and piping systems. It can be assembled at will according to the user’s needs. If the original water tank needs to be replaced, there is no need to rebuild the house. It can be assembled by transporting in the molded veneer with a door. It has strong usability and brings great convenience to the design and construction departments. Our company’s latest successfully developed SMC externally reinforced combined water tank has also been approved for use by users.

SMC Water Tank

Test results: The SMC combined water tank produced by our company complies with national health and safety standards. After water quality testing and toxicology testing conducted by the Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, the results showed that no toxic or banned compounds were found in the water quality of the synthetic materials provided, and the results of 16 indicators such as online identification of color and quality and volatile matter were in compliance with GB/T17219- 1998. Toxicological experiments: Animal experiment results of SMC water tank immersion showed no toxicity and accumulated toxicity.

SMC molded veneer specifications:5 specifications in total

1000mm*1000mm, 1000mm*500mm, 500mm*500mm, 2000mm*1000mm, 2000mm*500mm. The thickness of SMC molded veneer can be pressed into 5mm-20mm according to the water tank capacity. The 5mm thick veneer can be used as a water tank cover, so It can be assembled into any water tank with the required volume. Performance: tensile strength >59Mpa, flexural strength >78Mpa, flexural elastic modulus Mpa, Barcol hardness >30, water absorption <1.0%. Implement standards; implement the People’s Republic of China Building Materials Industry Standard JC658.1-2007.

SMC combined water tank accessories:channel steel base, molded plate base plate, support plate and cover, tie bars, tie plate, support, auxiliary angle iron, leakage plugging, fixed angle iron, flange, internal and external ladders, water level gauge .

Note: Our company’s water tank products are all designed for domestic drinking water and fire-fighting water. Users storing hot water or other liquids (chemicals, oils, etc.) should mention it when ordering, and avoid heating inside the water tank (steam heating is strictly prohibited). During use, users need to regularly check the steel parts of the water tank twice a year for looseness, corrosion and overall deformation of the water tank. To facilitate installation, maintenance and inspection, at least 500mm working space should be left around the water tank. The thickness of the SMC water tank wall is configured from hydrostatic pressure, and no other pressure is allowed to act inside the water tank (if any, please inform our company in advance).